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The TorahToday clips are the best part of my day --- keep them coming --- truly inspirational. 
Cantor Mike Stein
Temple Aliyah, Woodland Hills, CA
Thank you for your wonderful service!!

Scott Alfassa Marks
Sephardic House
Internet Director of Sephardic History and Genealogy

It's the first thing I do when I get to the office...Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!
Andrew Stein

Thanks G-d that there is internet, bacause now all the people from Mexico with Jewish origin from the Spanish colony have the chance to have comunications with other Jews in the world. and even more... a chance to study the Torah.
TorahToday member

Thank you for your wonderful program.
Ilya Luvish

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The Academy of Elijah taught: He who studies Torah Laws every day, has
the assurance that he will be in the World to Come, as it is said, "The
ways of the world are His" - do not read "ways" but "laws".
Talmud, Megillah 28b

Rabbi Chanania be Akashia says: The Holy One, Blessed is He, wished to
confer merit upon Israel; therefore He gave them Torah and mitzvos in
abundance, as it is said: "Hashem desired, for the sake of its [Israel's]
righteousness, that the Torah be made great and glorious".
Pirkei Avos

These are the percepts whose fruits a person enjoys in This world but whose 
principal remains intact for him in the World to Come. They are: the honor due to father 
and mother, acts of kindness, early attendance at the house of study morning and 
evening, hospitality to guests, visiting the sick, providing for a bride, escorting the 
dead, absorption in prayer, bringing peace between man and his fellow 
- and the study of Torah is equivalent to them all.
Talmud, Shabbos 127a


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